Almost 30 years of commercial lending experience wrapped around 14 years with the US…

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Use our loan broker service when the lender is unable to approve the loan or a borrower…

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As a lender, if you need assistance with any stage of US Small Business Administration (SBA)…

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Ted R Nelson,

Over 30 years commercial lending wrapped around 14 years with the SBA. Retired from SBA as Chief, Finance Division, SBA Colorado District Office.

Graduate Colorado School of Banking, CU Boulder CO.

Rocky Mtn. Loan Consultants has been assisting lenders in Colorado and Wyoming since 2009.

Not affiliated with any US Govt. Agency.

Received numerous awards for outstanding leadership and program knowledge .

Use our service to take advantage of our President’s
SBA Loan Experience.

Important Points:

  • Borrowers do not pay a loan broker fee (this is important as some brokers charge a fee)
  • As a Loan Broker, we do not directly loan money but arrange for a loan with a nationwide bank
  • My history as a supervisor for the loan officer in SBA plus my almost 30 years in commercial banking is a unique experience to help borrowers. Probably less than a dozen people in the US have a similar combination of business lending experience. (most Govt. employees with SBA spend their entire career with the Govt., Most commercial lenders likewise never work for the Govt.)

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